Chamber Skills Bank

The RWB Chamber Skills Bank is a free, community led activity supported by the Royal Wootton Bassett Chamber of Commerce and is exclusively available to members. Those within the skills bank provide their time, up to the agreed amount, for free. The time bank is voluntary and anyone may drop out at any time. Full details of the scheme and its terms will be provided to you as part of your joining process.

Chamber Skills Bank – Overview Information

We all work in businesses that face challenges every day: sales growth, managing overheads, optimising process, managing workforce.  Many problems and opportunities are common to most businesses so why don’t we share our knowledge, support fellow Chamber members and benefit from the experience of others?

Chamber members who commit to offering up to 2 hours a month will receive a list of those in the bank and their skills, and everyone can contribute and use the bank as required.


  • Register your interest by emailing hello@rwbchamber.org.uk
  • Agree to the bank rules by completing and signing the registration form which will be sent to you
  • Receive a list of those in the bank and their skills
  • Contribute and use the bank as you need

Chamber Skills Bank – Rules (May 2019)

  1. All those who are part of the bank scheme need to offer an area of expertise
  2. Mentors commit to providing up to 2 hours per month. Any further time is discretional and may be chargeable
  3. Travel costs are not to be charged unless otherwise agreed, both parties should consider the others travel arrangements and attempt to minimise
  4. Those within the bank make any time commitment at their discretion
  5. Those within the bank may leave at any time
  6. No advice or guidance offered by bank members is legally binding and is offered in good faith only
  7. Members of the bank will not share contact information about bank members with those outside the bank due to data protection
  8. All confidential information shared between those in the bank is to be considered business confidential and not to be shared with others unless explicit written permission is provided
  9. Bank rules are subject to change at any time