Member-Get-Member Offer

Tap into your network of colleagues and help RWB Chamber grow!

As a current member, each new member you recruit (for a year’s membership of the RWB Chamber of Commerce) will grant you one free Chamber networking lunch. The more you get the more you eat!

A new member is considered someone who has not held membership with RWB Chamber of Commerce for the last two years and joins as a self employed person owning their own business or an employee of a local business wishing to be a member. The referrer must be a current member of the RWB Chamber of Commerce at the time of the new member application to receive their free lunch reward.

To ensure you receive credit for your referral, the recruit must list your name as a referral in the “How Did You Hear about the RWB Chamber” section when submitting their membership application. Member referrals received after the application has been submitted are not eligible for the Member-Get-A-Member programme.

The referral must be with the RWB Chamber of Commerce and not any other networking group such as Inspire (ex Wessex Association), FSB, IOD etc.